Chicken Processing Workshop with Justin Rhodes

Most homesteaders have seen at least one video from Justin Rhodes floating around on YouTube, and his influence in our own homesteading is apparent; so I was somewhat excited when I was given the opportunity to drive up to his farm for a chicken processing workshop. I’ve never raised chickens for meat, but it’s something that we’ve been planning to introduce into our own homesteading eventually. After spending the day moving 100 birds from the pasture to the freezer, I have the confidence to say we’re ready to get started in the spring.

I’m including the pictures I took below, but I thought I’d note a few things I learned from Justin while I was there with him processing chickens and doing chores:

  • There’s no problem worth losing patience over. Big problems are opportunities for creative problem-solving, and creative problem-solving only happens when you’re thinking positively.
  • The rewarding experiences in homesteading come from the process of working, building, and learning.
  • Homesteading with kids takes incredible patience and positivity. The Rhodes kids are amazingly capable on their farm, but even the Rhodes kids are still kids. Letting mistakes happen, responding with encouragement and positivity, and giving fresh chances — it’s a never-ending cycle.

— S

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