Why do we want to grow our own food?

Just a quick post to kick things off. We’ve been doing this for a few years without writing anything down, so I’ll probably have a lot to say in the short-term about projects that are already behind us.

But, for this first entry, why not give a list of the reasons that we do what we do.

  1. The practice of farming is filled with opportunities for worship. We serve the God who created this earth and gave us the command to subdue it. He gave us plants and animals harvest, and he gave us weeds and parasites to contend with. Farming connects us directly to many biblical ideas and lessons that are lost when you get your eggs from the dairy aisle. These are experiences that we want and need in our Christian lives.
  2. The skills and knowledge required to farm are essential to a healthy life and work ethic. We’re teaching the next generation (our children) to work hard for what they have. No method could possibly be more effective for accomplishing this than directly tying work and food together through farming.
  3. We want to eat healthy food. Commercial farming continues to produce increasingly questionable food. Chemical exposure is constantly increasing. Food nutrition is constantly decreasing.
  4. We believe that local communities should be supporting themselves – not dependent on national or global supply chains. The pandemic illustrated this perfectly, as supply chains continue to be disrupted and food prices continue to soar.
  5. Farming is fun. Maybe it’s not your thing, but it is ours!

— S